Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Week 7 - Thing 17 - Editing Wikis

I was keen to give this a go and once the password was added I tried adding my blog to the favourites page of the libraries PBwiki site.
I tried several times to get the link to my blog to work properly, following the instructions but it didn't work. After several attempts I was going to leave it looking like other peoples before me with just the url link, but then I notice that there was a link in the top right hand corner that said "Switch to Classic Mode". When I clicked on this it changed to a different editing mode and the links were in the format used in the instructions. So I added mine using the format suggested and saved it and it worked.
The newer Point-and-Click Mode seems to be the default editing mode and it may be easier because there is no need to learn the syntax required for the classic mode. However, I couldn't get my link to look right with my blogger name displayed rather than the link url until I when to classic mode. I guess with the 2 options people can choose the one that works best for them.

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acl elgar said...

Great, glad you finally got it to work! Thanks for the input, we might have to recommend that to those still having issues with this exercise :) Keep up the good work!